City Development_ feasibility study workshop

co_authors : Zuzana Paclová, Ondřej Šíma, Václav Přibyl, Jindřich Felcman

City Development was workshop, which too place 3 weekends during the winter semestr 2015/2016. We were divided into groups, that draw lots for the given sites. Each site was owned by the City of Prague and had its specific problems. We were asked to do a feasibility study and find the solution for these problematic sites.

Our group got the most difficult one. Our extern consultants were not optimistic about finding the solution.

We found solution in focusing on the industry. We analyzed the site, we analyze the czech market, market in Prague and the housing typology. We found investor in pharmacy and IT industry and research. Czech republic is atractive location fot this research, it has enough well educated specialists, cheap cost for running a business and strategic location for transportation of goods.

We designed headquarters for pharmacy / IT company with specialized manufacturing, focusing on well conecting the site with the rest of the city, making the confortable place for working and improving the adjacent surrounfing of the building.

it must be said, that after many consulations with our experts we respected the task and limited time of the workshop. So we focused strict on the site. However we are still aware, that the whole area of metro depot, railway,bus depot and the highway, that have to be analyze and solved in wider scale than our site was. All named before are great barriers ,which cut off this land and make a no mans land out of it.

There is a final presentation with analysis below, design and calculations at the end.



our site with metro tunnel




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